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A New Beginning Chiropractic & Acupuncture


Welcome to A New Beginning Chiropractic & Acupuncture!

Since 2011, Dr. Sjohn Watson has been helping those in the East Campus, Havelock, and Bethany neighborhoods of Lincoln begin a new chapter in their health. Inspired by his daughter’s adoption agency, A New Beginning, he named his practice after the heartfelt experience of adopting his precious daughter, Chloe.

Focused on Your Family’s Health

Helping many in the manufacturing industry, Dr. Watson enjoys seeing the hard working families of Lincoln so that they can live better lives.

Dr. Watson’s goal is to bring you relief from your discomfort and help you live a life of wellness with chiropractic care. He does this by addressing your pain and finding the underlying causes of your discomfort so you can heal thoroughly and live better.

Here are some ways we help our patients:

Mothers —Through the Bagnell Pregnancy Technique, Dr. Watson helps women have healthier pregnancies, labors and deliveries.

Children —Through ongoing education with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), Dr. Watson’s knowledge and passion for children’s health can help your little one smile brighter and live healthier.

Families —The ultimate goal is to help your entire family get healthy, stay healthy and live a long life of wellness.

A Servant’s Heart for Healing

Lincoln Chiropractor Dr. Sjohn Watson adjusting a patient

Dr. Sjohn Watson adjusting a patient

The underlying principle of chiropractic is to detect and correct subluxations. When a subluxation is corrected, your nervous system is freed to allow communication between the brain and body.

With a heart that desires to see you get better, feel better and live better, Dr. Watson will do all that he can do to help you. Full of compassion, Dr. Watson will work to help you heal naturally. “My goal is to do whatever it takes get you better.”

Dr. Watson offers a workshop titled, “Keys to a Healthy Family.” He talks about the structure of the body and how it works. This free workshop helps people understand how chiropractic care helps the body heal itself. In addition, every few months, Dr. Watson teaches an acupressure class at Southeast Community College.

Are you letting pain hold you back from your greatest life? Give us a call and let’s see how chiropractic care can make a difference! (402) 261-9473

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