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Chiropractic Care

Lincoln Chiropractor Dr. Sjohn Watson gently adjusts a patient

Dr. Sjohn Watson gently adjusts a patient

Pain in and of itself in not necessarily a problem; it is an indication of a problem. When the cause of pain is a subluxation and that subluxation is corrected the pain will stop. Just as with any type of healing, when a subluxation is corrected, healing begins. As long as the subluxation stays corrected, healing continues and your body restores itself to a healthier state.

Remember, not all subluxations produce pain, but every subluxation reduces your body’s ability to heal itself. We can help by using a gentle technique to remove the subluxation.

Zone Technique

This very light, gentle, specialized chiropractic technique helps promote your greatest healing in the gentlest way possible. While you lie on the table, Dr. Watson will adjust the specific vertebrae that need to be adjusted (as opposed to your entire spine).

This technique is so gentle it’s safe and comfortable for anyone from 3-day-olds to those in their 90s.

Questions or Concerns?

Dr. Watson provides compassionate care that his patients love and appreciate. Are you ready to be next? “I’d be happy to talk to you about any questions you may have. Just reach out, and I’m here!” (402) 261-9473

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