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Meet Dr. Sjohn Watson

A Problem I Didn’t Know I Had

Lincoln Chiropractor Dr. Sjohn Watson

Dr. Sjohn Watson

Dr. Sjohn Watson experienced chiropractic care for the first time about 10 years ago. At the time, he believed in the myths he’d heard and avoided giving chiropractic a chance. Dr. Watson’s pain continued to get worse. His wife suggested he visit a chiropractor to see if it would help.

After learning about chiropractic care and experiencing it for himself, Dr. Watson understood how the body was designed to heal itself. “It amazed me that the chiropractor helped me heal and feel better.” He couldn’t believe that his doctor not only noticed problems causing his back pain, but also told him he could help relieve his frequent headaches, (that Dr. Watson thought were normal).

Dr. Watson went from taking painkillers 3-4 times a week for headaches to taking them once a week within just one month of care. Three months later, he was only taking painkillers once a month and now has no need for them. “I’m still amazed he found a problem that I didn’t even know could be fixed.”

Becoming a Chiropractor

After graduating from high school, Dr. Watson worked at the Kawasaki plant for 18 years, before changing paths and starting chiropractic college.

Dr. Watson graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City in 2010. Now Dr. Watson practices just a few miles from the chiropractor that so greatly influenced him.

Overflowing Heart for Family

Lincoln Chiropractor Dr. Sjohn Watson and family

Dr. Watson and his family

Dr. Watson and his wife adopted their daughter, Chloe, when they were in school. Now they enjoy family life together, cherishing all the time spent as a family that they can. Dr. Watson lives a life based on faith and enjoys helping out at their church whenever possible. He appreciates being out in the open fishing, hunting and working on old muscle cars as he rebuilt his ’69 Camaro from the ground up.

Give us a call today and let Dr. Watson help you just as he was helped. You’ll be so glad you called! (402) 261-9473

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