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The Importance of Posture and Exercises to Improve It

“Stand up straight!”

It’s something many of us have heard throughout our lives, and something we’re bound to pass along to our children. But practicing proper posture is about more than just standing up straight—it’s about ensuring good communication from your brain to your organs through the spinal cord. When you think about it this way, it sounds much more important!

Back to School Posture

For the many of us sending our kids to school, we have a lot to worry about—and how they carry their backpack is one of them! As your child returns to school this upcoming year, talk to them about backpack safety and the importance of following the guidelines below to keep their back healthy:

  • Keep straps adjusted so that the bag sits above their waistline
  • Utilize the waist strap to keep the pack close to their bodies
  • If your child has a rolling back pack, make sure they alternate which hand they use to pull it
  • Teach them to properly pack it by using inside straps and pockets so items aren’t loose
  • Do a “test pack” and weigh their backpack to make sure it isn’t more than 10% of their total body weight

Posture at Work

Posture isn’t just important for children—adults must make a conscious effort to stand up straight, too—even if we’re stuck behind a desk for the majority of our day at work. If this sounds familiar, it’s crucial that you remember to take hourly breaks and stand up to stretch and move.

When sitting, make sure your feet are evenly planted on the floor in front of you and that your desk chair is positioned at an optimal height.

Improve Your Posture with Chiropractic Care

Through regular spinal adjustments, Dr. Watson can help your body improve range of motion and flexibility—key components to maintaining good posture. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment for you or your child!

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